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Is it worth to start job at government or better to choose a company?

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Paul, thank you for a post. Of course it is worth to start a job at government, but just if you have knowledge for that. Your question is quite strange, because both jobs at government and company could be your dream job. If you ask about the salary, so you can make a career and good money anywhere. You should choose what you want to be and after that you can choose where you want to start.


How Donald Trump impacted unemployment rate in the U.S.? Is he really so gooood?

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Hey, Peter, thanks for a post. Yes, as we can see when Donald Trump became president of the U.S. he made some drastic political decisions and might impacted unemployment rate. By the April 2019 unemployment rate in the U.S. was 3.6% which is the lowest since 1969. But the crown doesn't belong to Donald Trump only, the main reason is the cycle of economics we live now. One may say Donald Trump is evil, other may say Donald Trump is hero, there are two opinions, but we must agree that he loves America and does good things for our country.


Hey, what do you think what are the most stressful working positions?

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The most stressful jobs are those of soldiers, public relations executives, reporters, and airline pilots. The salaries paid to the representatives of these fields are not very high as the nature of their work is related to supply and demand. Employees doing these kind of jobs earn $ 28,800 to $ 45,250 depending on the nature of their job.


Hello, how much do O'Reilly delivery drivers make?

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Red, thank you for a question. Delivery drivers at O'Reilly usually earn around $8-$12 per hour. But you can try to earn more if your service would be amazing and very friendly - you will get tips.


How much do Verizon employees make?

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Mike, thank you for a post. Verizon has many different departments and positions, so the salary is very different. Your earnings will depend on your experience and position you will work at. Verizon has different postions from lowest to highest paying jobs. Usually, employees at Verizon earns between $35,879 to $118,618 and Verizon have around 11 thousand employees in the U.S.


I try to look for a job at home, but i've read that there are lots of scam

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Bernard, thank you for a post. Yes, it is true that there are many scam jobs on the internet, specially when the job is at home. Don't forget to write some contract about the job you'll work, otherwise you can be caught by scammers. There are many legal jobs from home, just you have to choose right company before you start a job, check documents, sign contract, deal about the payment and exact terms. Be careful, but don't be afraid - move forward!


I don't have experience, but i would like to work at Apple

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Ahmed, thank you for a post. If you don't have experience, then try to apply for a job at Apple as trainee or if you have experience, try to apply for a job. Apple hires many different positions, so you have to know where you are best at. Don't apply for a job because it is Apple, there are many other companies which could offer better conditions than Apple. It is everything in your hands, be brave and reach your goal!


What methods do you use to find a job?

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Mark, thank you for a post. If you look for a job, of course it's very popular way to find a job on Also, there are many other job websites as indeed, glassdoor, craiglist, linkedin or via social media on Facebook or twitter. Just don't forget that when you apply for any job, you will send your CV or you will show in some way your name and surname. All employers checks the candidates on internet, so you have to make private your social media account or do your account solid without drunk photos or other funny life stories which could look like negative aspect for employer. Another popular way to find a job is via job agency which will do all the things for you. In some cases job agency is good choice, but in some way it won't be so good because of all control in agency hands.


Does anyone know what are the highest paying jobs?

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John, thank you for a question. It might be different positions depending on companies, but most popular and high paying positions are:

  1. Medicine (Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dentists, etc.)
    Average annual salary: $199,980 - $265,990
  2. Chief executives
    Average annual salary: $196,050
  3. Airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers
    Average annual salary: $161,280
  4. Petroleum engineers
    Average annual salary: $154,780
  5. Computer and information systems managers
    Average annual salary: $149,730
  6. Architectural and engineering managers
    Average annual salary: $146,290
  7. Marketing managers
    Average annual salary: $145,620
  8. Financial managers
    Average annual salary: $143,530
  9. Lawyers
    Average annual salary: $141,890
  10. Sales managers
    Average annual salary: $136,650
  11. Natural sciences managers
    Average annual salary: $133,670
  12. Compensation and benefits managers
    Average annual salary: $130,010
  13. Law teachers, postsecondary
    Average annual salary: $129,840
  14. Public relations and fundraising managers
    Average annual salary: $127,690
  15. Personal financial advisors
    Average annual salary: $124,140
  16. Advertising and promotions managers
    Average annual salary: $123,880

As you can see, the most popular and highest paying jobs are at different positions in Medicine.


I work as a cashier, but looking one more remote job. What kind of job could i choose?

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Greta, thank you for a post. It depends on what you're able to do and at which category you feel comfortable. Usually, remote job you will have to do with computer, so most popular remote jobs are for developers, graphic designers, marketers, writers or editors, sales managers etc. So, if you are strong in any of those positions - it won't be difficult. You will find many remote job offers in facebook, twitter or other social network, also on job boards. Also, you will find scam job offers, so you have to be careful and try to get paid before the job is done. If you find remote job on internet without any platform as Fiverr or other, you are not guarantee that you will get paid.