Top 5 jobs in the US right now

10 January 2019  
Top 5 jobs in US
Top 5 jobs in US

The job market has been doing quite well lately in the U.S.: The New York Times and many other news websites have published articles stating that U.S. economy added 250,000 jobs in late 2018, increased hourly earnings, and is seeing exceeding job growth in full-time positions as well as overall improvement in labour market and wage growth.

Glassdoor, which is a helpful job search and review site, has identified 50 Best Jobs in America for 2018 using a combination of three factors:

  • the number of job openings;
  • the salary;
  • the job satisfaction score.

Here are top 5 jobs highlighted in this report:

Number 1 – Data Scientist

Data Scientist’s job ranks first with a median base salary at $110,000 and there are currently 4,524 job openings while the job satisfaction score is 4,2 / 5.

Data scientists have a very important and high-demand role to help the business make data driven decision and impact its ability to achieve business’ strategic, financia; or operational goals. So, you would analyze large data sites to create insights about a certain product feature or market fit and try to understand how users interact with the product, apply various data science methods and techniques to collect significant information that can be used to make critical business decisions. To be a data scientist, you have to have a highly technical and theoretical degree. A lot of companies are looking for people with a master's degree or PHD because of how theoretical and research-driven and technical the field is.

Number 2 – DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer is number two with a job satisfaction score of 4.0 / 5, median base salary of $105,000 and currently 3,369 job openings.

DevOps engineer (a compound of "development" and "operations") is actually a very important and very versatile role in Tech industry. Essentially as a DeVops manager, you try to automate things to speed them up for development, you work with a variety of open source tools and technologies, you improve the business process and solve organizational problems. You basically help the website, the service, the server, any kind of technology that your company owns to run smoothly and fast, and you also help the engineering team to operate at their best. So, it’s not just a single job: DevOps engineers have to juggle between multiple roles and they also need various skills, such as coding, testing, scripting and so on. To become a DevOps engineer, you would ideally need a background in Computer Science or Software Engineering or Computer Engineering - anything very tech heavy, and as there is no formal career path or training for such job, you would need to push beyond your areas of competence and expand your knowledge to acquire business, organization, automation, operations, leadership skills, etc.

Number 3 – Marketing Manager

Number three is a marketing manager jobs with a median base salary at $85,000 and 6,439 job openings.

What a marketing manager basically does is that they assess and analyze the market before a product is launched. And then after the product has been released, they come up with marketing strategies, manage budgets for marketing campaigns, build relationships with media outlets and work with the customer service department to address any problems. So they do a lot of market research: listen to customers’ feedback, look into marketing trends and keep on finding new ways to promote a product. Usually to become a marketing manager you need a bachelor's degree in Marketing or any related business field but at the same time there is also ton of people with marketing experience that don't have a degree in anything relevant to business or marketing.

Number 4 – Occupational Therapist

Occupation therapist is number four at a quite high job satisfaction score of 4.0 / 5, median base salary is starting at $74,000 and currently 11,903 job openings.

Occupational therapist’s job is a very versatile role. It can range from taking care of patients with brain injury to end-of-life care. Essentially what an occupational therapist does is that they do one-on-one therapy with patients to achieve goals that hold meaning to them. And that is actually why the job satisfaction of being a occupational therapist ranks quite high. You are basically helping other people achieve their purpose and meaning and do something meaningful to themselves. And there’s a reason for this as there is also a ton research which proves that people are usually the happiest when they help others. To get into occupational therapy you ideally need a bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy, however, you can also complete a postgraduate course approved by Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) or a lot of openings actually take people with at least one year of experience in a medical field.

Number 5 – HR Manager

HR managers are at number 5 with a median base salary starting at $85,000 and currently 4,458 job openings.

HR managers work closely with the management and the company’s employees. Not only do they recruit, interview and hire new staff that the company needs, but they also solve problems regarding work complains and maintain the performance evaluation process. HR manager is like a link between organization’s management and the employees of the company. To become a HR manager you ideally need a bachelor's degree in Human Resources, however there are possibilities for people from any background to become HR managers and go into recruiting, yet you need an exceptional skill set to succeed in such role.

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