5 tips that will help you stop wasting your time at work

30 April 2019  
Tips if you want to do your job well and spend your time more wisely
Tips if you want to do your job well and spend your time more wisely

We do it all the time without realising how much time gets wasted by simply not being able to exclude some habits from your life. One way or another, being able to focus on work during work hours can also sometimes require you to make some little changes in your lifestyle. Look through these tips if you want to do your job well and spend your time more wisely.

Know what you’re going to do before you start doing it

Every time you sit at your desk, think about what you’re going to do that day. Think ahead before your fingers start touching the keyboard. This will prevent you from sitting and staring at the screen, as you waste time only when you don’t do what you intend to do. If you intended to work on a specific task or a project and failed by watching Youtube videos or scrolling through social media aimlessly, you’re going to feel that failure and avoid it later, which is what’s going to motivate you to spend your time meaningfully.

Try to avoid distractions: chatting with colleagues

Nowadays, when people check their phones 80-90 times a day on average, social media and the internet has truly became a big distraction and an enemy for our productivity. However, distractions include not just online activities or texting on your phone, but also simply talking with your co-workers. This is one of the most time wasting activities at work that is usually left unnoticed. Chatting and rambling about matters that are unrelated to your job can seriously distract you from getting in the flow at work. Unless it requires teamwork, little interruptions to chat actually keep you from really focusing on one task. Though, you should not ignore your colleagues altogether, sometimes, putting on headphones or avoiding a good gossip can actually be very beneficial when you want to have a more efficient day or finish some bigger projects quickly. You should give priority to work, but also make time for those little distractions: be social with co-workers during lunch or let yourself browse the internet during the break.

Don’t let job take over your life: make time for fun activities

Having things that motivate you to get things done is the thing that can really improve your productivity at work. Plan time at work and plan leisure time activities as well. Create a lifestyle that makes you happy: this way you do actual work at work and spend the remaining time on you and fun activities. This is one of those aspects that also help you eliminate wasted time without actually noticing it: you will want to finish work as soon as possible to have more time for all the other activities in the day, therefore, you will avoid doing meaningless things during work hours.

Avoid multitasking: do one thing at a time

People are not really built to do many things all at once. Multitasking slows your overall process and keeps you from actually getting anything done. Trying to touch upon many different tasks in one day can make it seem as if you’re working on all the projects forever. So, just assign a particular period of time for one task: this way, ideas and thoughts surrounding many different projects won't mix up, get forgotten or simply get in a way of being focused.

Pay attention to your diet, fitness and sleep schedule: it affects your productivity

Focusing on diet and health can actually make you more successful and disciplined. Having physical discipline helps to develop mental discipline, which is what causes you to waste time. Achieving goals in your physical health can mentally prepare you for business and working efficiently. Starting with the physical discipline can be a lot easier than gaining mental strength, however, challenging yourself physically helps you get used to getting things done and finishing tasks which is a useful trait at work, as well. Productivity and energy levels are directly related to physical activity and good diet, which is why paying attention to these matters can also help accomplish more at work.

So, don’t waste time even if you didn’t manage to find a job yet. Try looking for a job near you today!

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