Steps for writing a great application letter

Writing application letter
Writing application letter

Jobseekers often underestimate the power of an application letter which often helps you get noticed and remembered.

However, application letter is not always requested by the hiring manager and should only be attached when it is specifically stated in the job advert.

Yet, if the employer asks you to send a cover letter, you should definitely put a lot of time and work into it. An application letter will help you show your strengths and how it can benefit the company. At the end, if you manage to write a convincing cover letter, you might even be invited for a job interview.

That’s why you need to take these tips into account when you begin writing this document:

  • Do not copy-and-paste a letter that was found on the internet. If you copy some generic letter and send it to your employer, he will instantly make an impression that you didn’t put a lot of effort into this step.
  • Read it more than twice. You must avoid leaving in some typos or incorrect grammar because your application letter reflects not only your desire to work at a company but also your literacy, your writing abilities and how attentive are you to details.
  • Always tailor your application letter according to the specific company. Don’t just rely on one basic letter you wrote some time ago, change up a lot of details, like the qualifications they might be interested in and see how your experience lines up with their requirements.
  • Do not repeat things that you mentioned in CV. Instead of just stating plain facts about the positions you had and the places you worked at, try to tell the employer more about your goals, your desires and why you believe this job and this career path is the right one for you.
  • Keep it short and simple. 4-5 concise paragraphs are enough to convey all the things that the employer wants to hear. So, prove your point but don’t try too hard by writing ten pages.
  • In the beginning of the latter, tell the employer how you came across this particular job ad.
  • Another paragraph should concentrate on your education, skills, previous jobs and similar information that helps you create a certain background and history.
  • Then, when it comes to another section, focus on the things that make you a great candidate. Show that you’re enthusiastic and passionate about this opportunity and prove why you want this job and why it suits you.
  • At the end you should mention something about the next step - job interview. So, conclude your cover letter by letting the employer know that you’re available to meet up for an interview.

Pay attention to these tips and prepare an excellent cover letter. But don’t forget about the next step and read some tips that will guide you during a job interview.

Next, read instructions how to prepare for job interview.

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