Job interview guide

Job interview guide
Job interview guide

Once you’ve managed to prepare a great resume and a brilliant application letter, you’ll face another challenge - meeting a potential employer during a job interview. Though it’s a step everybody would love to skip, it is a crucial part of every job search process.

However difficult it may be, there are some guides and tips that can help you prepare for this important day.

Part one. Preparing in advance.

  • The first thing you can do is research the company or the employer which will provide you with confidence and knowledge that might be beneficial during an interview;
  • If it’s your first job interview, make sure to take a look at the most common interview questions and have some possible answers prepared; you can practise with your friend or a sibling which will help you gain more confidence;
  • One of the things that you can do the night before is pick out a certain outfit for the meeting. If you have no idea what to wear, try checking out the company’s website and see some photos which would help you identify how formal you should look;
  • Arriving early would definitely benefit you a lot: it would not only show how punctual you are, but also give you time to use the restroom, refresh your memory and just relax for a minute.

Part two. Impressing the employer.

  • Employers are looking for confident and genuine people so try to radiate these qualities from the moment you step in the room;
  • Look the employer in the eyes when you lean in for a handshake;
  • Smile and don’t forget those friendly welcoming phrases; say hello and “it’s a pleasure” or “it’s nice to meet you”;
  • Be honest and admit if you don’t have an answer for some particular question but show that you’re willing to learn and improve.

Part three. Appropriate communication skills.

  • If the employer walks you to the room where the interview will take place, make some small talk to make your communication more natural and easy going;
  • If you meet some other coworkers be polite with each of them, since they might contribute to the success of the interview as well;
  • Respect the employer and don’t interrupt him;
  • When you start answering a question, keep and eye contact and do not ramble about irrelevant things.

Part four. Ask your own questions.

  • The end of the interview will usually end with the candidate’s questions so prepare some;
  • If you have no questions for the employer, he might think that you didn’t even prepare or you don’t show any interest in the position;
  • Ask about the company or some specific things about the job and your possible role at the company, your responsibilities and the everyday life of the organisation;
  • You might want to ask the employer for his business card so you’re able to stay in touch;
  • End the interview on the positive note by saying that you're excited or even more interested in this job and that you’ll be looking forward to hearing from them.

Looking through these steps will hopefully help you avoid making some major mistakes on your interview and lead you to getting a job. And once you’re invited to join the company, come back and find tips on preparing for the first day at a new job.

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