First day at work: does and don'ts

First day at work guide
First day at work guide

No matter how much effort you put into writing your CV, cover letter and preparing for the job interview, another step that is going to require even more preparation is your first days at work.

You’ll want to make a good first impression on your new colleagues and employer, so in order to do that you have to plan ahead and know the things that are going to either make you shine or lose your confidence for a bit. Follow these dos and don’ts in order to have the best first day at work.


  1. Arrive there early
    • Punctuality and ability to plan your day are a couple of great qualities that will make a good impression. Don’t arrive an hour early, but try to be there at least 10 minutes earlier, get used to the place and relax.
  1. Ask relevant questions
    • Show that you’re interested and enthusiastic by asking smart question to the colleagues: inquire about the office culture, about the coworker's’ roles in the company and ask their opinion on the things that concern this new job.
  1. Listen and learn
    • Bring a notebook to your new job, because the first day is going to be dedicated to listening and learning about the way the company operates. Be attentive and write things down because you’ll probably forget it due to stress and pressure.
  1. Be comfortable in your own skin
    • Appropriate clothing is very important not only when you go to the job interview, but also on your first day of work. Ideally, you should dress in a way that is similar to your personal look and makes you feel confident, but you should also keep in mind that it’s smarter to look more polished than you usually would.
  1. Positivity is key
    • Be positive, friendly and approachable to everyone around you, especially those coworkers that have been working here longer. First impression really do count, so try to make the most of the day by building relationships and buying them over with your kindness and positive attitude.


  1. Checking your phone
    • On your first day, keep your on silent and avoid checking it too much - at least until you find out what company policy is on using phones at work. If you’re really impatient and want to tell a friend how your first day is going, sneak your phone into the restroom or something, but don’t use it too much the first day.
  1. Gossiping
    • Getting involved in office gossip is never a good idea, whether it’s your first day or not. But you should particularly avoid such situations until you get to know everybody. First observe, rather than get involved right away.
  1. Don't be so reserved
    • You will feel stressed and anxious, but don’t let these emotions get in your way. Don’t just sit in your own bubble silently and if there are some opportunities to reach out to others, do it. When a coworker asks if you want a coffee, just take a break and accept it. Such little breaks are great for making small talk or getting to know something about your coworkers, while they get to know you.
  1. Don't shut down another person’s ideas or arguments
    • Even if you got used to the way your previous company worked, you’ll need to learn to be flexible and learn from your coworkers. Be open minded and learn to do things their way, even if you’re not used to such methods.
  1. Avoid negative complaints
    • You’ll want to be remember for the good things instead of complaint and criticism. So, don’t start complaining about your previous employer or even the current tasks that you’re given. Even if something is very difficult, it is better to admit that and ask for help than start making a fuss, which will only make you look unprofessional and childish.

At the end of the day, you’ll be monitored and judged for the first few weeks, not just the first day, so the only thing you need to do on the first day is set the right image and then improve from then on. And if the job is still not right for you, come back to Jobin and look through the job listings to find new job opportunities.

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